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There are 17 (seventeen) Core Stats in DoC.

Expeditions & Cycles[edit]

All the Stats displayed in the UI (except Action Slots)

In DoC, time moves forward whenever you return to the Golden Bastion. This can be after winning a fight, losing a fight, giving in to lust, losing your soul, and fleeing from an encounter. Each expedition changes the currently active star bonus. The cycle counter tracks the amount of rebirths the player has performed.

Power of the Golden Star[edit]

This ability grants a 20% strength bonus. It is the first of the four, appearing in the first day.

Tenacity of the Green Star[edit]

This ability grants a 20% stamina bonus. It first appears in the second day.

Adaptation of the Blue Star[edit]

This ability grants a 20% growth bonus. It first appears in the third day.

Ferocity of the Red Star[edit]

This ability grants a (multiplicative) 20% increase to the chance of a critical strike. It first appears on the fourth day.


Your "Level" determines your cumulative experience and dictates which Abilities you have access to. As the player levels up, their stats (HP, Stamina, Strength, Arousal Gain, and Stamina Recovery) improve, and they get a skill point to improve or obtain a skill. As of (V.0.6.3), the player's stats automatically update upon leveling up using a table that scales up infinitely. In prior editions the player gained 2 stat points they could spend as they saw fit (either both points on 1 stat or 1 on each of 2 stats of their choosing).

In the version of 0.7.8, the stat point will be distributed to certain stats in certain level. The skill point is still working as previous version.

Most abilities become available as you gain higher levels, but some are only available if you meet certain conditions.


"XP" refers to your Experience Points, which can be obtained from either winning or losing battles against the various enemies that you can encounter in the game.


The raw lifeforce contained within all the inhabitants of DoC's world. When you defeat an opponent, you take some of the Essence from them and add it to your own pool. Essence can be used as a currency, as well as a form of fuel/catalyst for certain creatures, including the player, transforming them into stronger versions of themselves.

In the 0.7.8 version, if your growth has been over the limit break and you didn't put any limit break point in the corresponding part, the growth will be stored. And you can consume the growth to obtain extra essence. Also you can use essence to obtain limit break point.


The main source of growth in DoC, "Corruption" grants the player access to new Abilities and Fight Moves, at the cost of preventing them from obtaining others. There are multiple sources of Corruption; the light of Nyx, the goo that seeps off of the bodies of "The Lost", the eldritch entities that grant power to demons, etc.. All have the power to corrupt the player in some way, including decisions they themselves make.

The corruption in version 0.7.8 now will be a slow process to decrease. Everyday the corruption will halve and put into your corruption point until the external corruption goes. And the corruption you got will be proceeded by reduce 2 every day until your corruption to 0.


Your Hit Points. Reaching 0 (zero) HP will cause the player to surrender themselves in battle. In (V.0.6.3) the health stat is automatically upgraded upon level up. Your health can be upgraded when you Level-up by spending stat points in prior versions. Each stat point consumed increases your total HP by "6" (V.0.5.0) / "1" (V.0.4.9).

In (V.0.7.8), the stat points will be distributed to certain stats when upgrade. So the previous stat point system is abandoned. But when you upgrade, in some levels you will gain the distribution to your HP.

Except for upgrade, you can also upgrade your Maximum HP by obtaining certain skills or abilities.


The resource for your Fight Moves in combat. Each move in a combo consumes from your current stamina and the amount of stamina consumed is shown at the top-left corner of the card, within a green hexagon. As of (V.0.6.3) this stat is automatically upgraded upon Level-up. Prior versions allow you to increase your total Stamina by "4" (V.0.5.0) / "1" (V.0.4.9).

The stamina in V.0.7.8 is different. Now the stamina shows as a certain number in the stat UI and available as a combat data. Every turn your stamina will recover to full. You can use your stamina to draw new action cards, add action slots to apply action cards that require more slots. Also some actions require stamina to apply.

Stamina Recovery[edit]

The amount of Stamina the player Recovers per turn of combat. As of (V.0.6.3) this stat is upgraded automatically. Prior versions allow you to spend stat points to increase your Stamina Recovery Rate by "1" (V.0.5.0) / "1" (V.0.4.9).

In V.0.7.8, the Stamina Recovery has been abandoned.


The stat that factors in the total amount of damage the player can deal with Fight Moves. For each 5 Strength points, all your attacks will deal an additional point of damage. The damage value is shown in the center of the card, within a red pentagon. As of (V.0.6.3) this stat is improved upon Level-up. Prior versions allow you to spend stat points to increase your total Strength by "3" (V.0.5.0) / "1" (V.0.4.9).

In V.0.7.8, your strength can be increased by upgrade, growing your body type(muscle) to certain tier or obtaining some abilities or skills.

Arousal & Arousal Gain[edit]

This determines the player's 'lust', as well as is the main factor for unleashing the player's Symbiote Form (default name 'Echo'); Upon reaching 100 (One-Hundred) Arousal during battle, 'Echo' will be summoned, granting the player increased Stats, as well as access to a total of 6 Fight Move cards per turn and unlocking the Ability "Ensnaring Goo".

The player's minimum starting Arousal is "0" (zero) by default, but this can be increased. The base Arousal gain rate is "20" (twenty). As of (V.0.6.3) the Arousal gain rate is automatically improved on Level-up. Prior versions allow you to spend stat points to increase your total Arousal Gain by "2" (V.0.5.0) / "1" (V.0.4.9).

In V.0.7.8, when unleash the player's Symbiote Form (which the condition is the same as before), player stats will increase, will increase your Fight Move cards by 2, increase your action slot by 1. The "Ensnaring Goo" ability will be unlocked as before.

The arousal only unlocks when you obtain the Symbiote Form in the plot.

Action Slots[edit]

When in battle, using Combo Moves requires Action Slots. The number of Action Slots required varies among Moves. The Player starts with 3 (three) Minimum Action Slats by default and can increase this value both outside & inside battle. Action Slots reset to their Minimum Value at the start of each battle.

In V.0.7.8, the action slot will only be able to increase in the battle by costing stamina, apply certain action card like "Focus" or activate the Symbiote Form.

Crit %[edit]

The chance that the player will critically strike the opponent, dealing increased damage based on your current Crit DMG stat. The Crit % value is shown in the left-center of the card, within a red diamond.

Crit DMG[edit]

The amount of increased damage the player inflicts on opponents when they successfully land a critical hit.

Body Type & Muscle[edit]

The player's musculature. The bracketed number represents muscle mass, while the descriptor is the body type. The body type changes depending on the muscle stat.

Body type and corresponding muscle stat (Data examined from 0.7.8 Coding)
Slim Below 14
Fit Between 15 and 29
Athletic Between 30 and 69
Ripped Between 70 and 99
Brawny Between 100 and 199
Powerful Between 200 and 299
Hulking Between 300 and 499
Hyper Between 500 and 799
Giganic Between 800 and 1249
Monumental Between 1250 and 1999
Mountainous Between 2000 and 2999
Demi-God Between 3000 and 4999
Godlike Over 5000


The player's height, measuring how tall they are. Grants the player access to unique abilities and Fight Moves depending on how great a difference in size the player is from their opponent.

Cock Size[edit]

The length of the player's member(s).

Which will influence the stamina when the length reach certain tiers in V.0.7.8.

Balls Size[edit]

The girth of the player's balls. Grants the player access to unique abilities and Fight Moves depending on how great a difference in size the player is from their opponent.

Which will also influence the stamina of the player in V.0.7.8.