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Achievements are objectives that grants special abilities upon completion. On top of unlocking the achievements, players must reach an ending to unlock the achievement's ability in a future playthrough.

Damnatory Knowledge "Spread forbidden knowledge to your master."
Baptism In Corruption "Make an opponent reach over 150 Corruption."
God Amongst Men "Reach level 50."
Host of the Spawns "Take in 5 spawns of Nyx."
Incomplete Memories "Reach the end of the main story path."
Lord of the Spawns "Take in 15 spawns of Nyx."
Master of the Barrens "You know the Barrens inside and out."
Memories of Demonic Ascent "Merge with Kanathar as he ascends into a corrupted god."
Memories of Kanathar "Allow Kanathar to ascend into a corrupted god."
Memories of the Lost "Overcome the Herald."
Might of Augwult "Reach 200 Strength."
Off The Deep End "Reach 200 Corruption."
Redemption "Help a friend find inner peace."
Resolute "Reach level 10 without ever reaching 100 Corruption."
Submissive Fighter "Lose a battle to 5 different opponents."
Word of Power "Spread the name of a demon god."
Memories Of Nyx "Embrace the Black Sun."
Memories of Cray "Embrace an old mentor."
Memories of Apothus "Give yourself away to the cult leader."