Memories of Apothus

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In-Game Description[edit]

Distant words of unrestrained madness echo within your soul.

How to Unlock[edit]

Give yourself away to the cult leader.

When you gain access to Apothus' realm (The monolith within the Cult of Nyx's Hideout), choose to fight Apothus (whether before or after making a pact with him does not matter). You must win the first phase of the fight. After the second phase begins you can choose to lose, accept his offer and be reborn. The ability will be given to your character.

Stat Changes[edit]

Corruption + 10.0

Min Arousal + 5.0

Max HP + 10.0

XP Multiplier + 0.2


This is one of the two Achievements that grants permanent Corruption. Be warned if you want to do low-Corruption runs.