Version 0.8

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  • Reworked combat entirely.

-Fight moves are now added to a timeline associated to each character.

-The timeline keeps a detailed history of moves that happened so far.

-Stronger moves take more time to execute, giving your opponent the opportunity to do more moves against you, and vice versa.

-The Stamina stat has been reworked into the Prowess stat. It now lowers how much time moves take in the timeline.

-Stamina cost has been removed from fight moves.

-Moves are executed as they are picked, instead of being put in a combo.

-Every time a move is selected, you receive a new set of moves to pick from.

-Combat now happens through a single passage, making inputs much faster.

-Removed stack limit for sigil moves since they now have an impact on the timeline.

-The "Do Nothing" move uses 1 action cost, letting you delay your timeline slightly when needed.

-Momentum now scales based on the length of your timeline.

-Stuns now give a temporary Prowess debuff instead of chaging your moveset.

-The "inspect" feature pops in a seperate window once clicked.

-Lowered corruption needed to see special scenes in the nyx dungeon (200 from 500)


-Fixed an issue where only the imp and torgar's art were shown when inspecting them.