Version 0.7.9

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New features[edit]

  • The Bind now has 3 stages of growth base on your relationship with him.
    • The 3 new bodies feature 6 emotes, unique cocks, different clothing and accessories (some unlocking only in certain paths).
    • Added new writing for his transformation into his new forms, both for his dominant and submissive paths.
    • Cleaned up a lot of the writing of his encounter.
  • Implemented new art for the Lost Naga, featuring 4 emotes and other assets~
    • Redid a lot of his writing.
    • Added audio to the encounter.
  • Implemented art for Lukka, featuring 6 emotes and special accessories~


  • Added character art of the Lost Naga, The Bind and Lukka (By Winty!).
  • Added art of the chasm leading to Nyx's realm (by Deriaz!).


  • Fixed bad passage flow in Nyx Spawn encounter.
  • Fixed an issue where some paths of Ethrex's encounter wouldn't give XP or Essence