Version 0.7.8

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New features[edit]

  • Added new Lost Werewolf NPC in the Golden Bastion.
    • Is the same werewolf as the one in the intro.
    • Is initially hostile but can give useful info to the player later on.
    • Can be "relieved" once a day, giving Corruption for their trouble.
    • The player can loosen their binds, helping them escape (Will be expanded upon in later versions.)
  • Changed how Nyx's realm is first discovered.
    • The Lost Werewolf gives out useful info for how to access it.
  • Mobile users now have passage choices within the page frame by default. (Can be changed in the options menu)


  • Rework of the UI for mobile in portrait mode. (By MuscleMage!)


  • Added art of Lukka's Corruption experiment (by Deriaz!)