Version 0.7.6

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New features[edit]

  • Shortened slightly to let plot devices be a part of systemic quest flow instead.
  • Player now becomes an explorer instead of a scavenger after the intro.
  • The Meteor falling in the Barrens is now a systemic event triggered after exploring for a few days.
  • Added quest to cross a corrupted lake in order to investigate the meteor.
    • There are many different ways to succeed this task, either through growth or wit.
  • Added Lukka as a NPC in the Bastion. He is an alchemist who is studying Corruption.
  • Added quest given by Lukka to find Demonic Essence for him to study its relationship to Corruption.
  • Leads to being tasked to gather Essence from any Demon encounter. (Imp or Ethrex)
  • Added win variants for the Imp and Ethrex that refer to Lukka's questline.
  • Added "Lukka's Essence Reservoir" Ability.
  • Added "Demonic Essence Shard" Ability.
  • You no longer need Echo to modify your metabolism.
  • Display improvements for mobile (portrait and landscape mode)
  • Display now adapts to device orientation changes.


  • Fixed broken passages in The Bind's encounter.
  • Fixed bad passage transition in Doppleganger encounter.
  • Fixed an issue where using the passage choice hotkey would break Tiadane's riddle.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't share their knowledge of Nyx to Kanathar.