Version 0.7.5

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New features[edit]

  • Reworked incubus encounter completely.
    • He now called Erthex, the incubus.
    • Features unique passages before and after each stages of your demonic transformation.
    • He can now join your party after you defeat him as a Lord of Lust.
    • Defeating him after he joined you grants the "Lust Incarnate" ability.
  • Added the option to have the choices be either inside the main window or at the bottom of it.
  • Added missing variant for hyper sized cocks in the glory hole room of the castle.
  • Adjust character portraits so that they float to the side to allow text to flow around them. (Thanks MuscleMage!)


  • Added art showcasing The Bind as a ring before his encounter (Thanks Deriaz!)
  • Added wip character art for The Bind (Thanks Winty!)


  • Fixed an issue loading a saved game after rebooting the game.
  • Fixed broken choice window in Firefox. (Thanks MuscleMage!)
  • Fixed broken narrative events in some of Abel's dialogues.
  • Fixed an issue with cancelling limit breaks after removing points from stats.
  • Fixed display bug in the description of Last Stand.
  • Fixed a display issue with one of Apothus 2nd form's attack.


  • Tripled the amount of Limit Breaks gained by leveling up.