Version 0.7.4

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New features[edit]

  • Glory Hole room has been added to the Nyx dungeon.
    • Features 3 variants for cock sizes.
    • Features unique variant for players infested with Nyx Spawns.
    • The outcome of this room affects a character in another room of the dungeon.
  • Added Overgrowth feature to growth caps.
    • When trying to grow beyond your current limit, part of that growth will now be converted into Essence.
    • You can consume the accumulated Essence in the "Modify Metabolism" menu.
  • Vastly improved performance and time to load passages (about 2.5 times faster on most devices)
  • Completely new modern UI has been added to the backgrounds, stats window, choices window and passage links.


  • Rebalanced all enemy encounters
  • Nerfed "First Strike" damage multiplier (from 2.5x to 1.9x)
  • Nerfed "Enraged Pummel" damage multiplier (from 2x to 1.6x)