Version 0.7.11

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New Features[edit]

Added "Apex Predator" ability that grants you size for every batte you win.

  • It also grants the "Unnatural Growth" fight move (instead of the "Ascended Prisoner" achievement).

Added new content after ascending the Lost Prisoner

  • Lets you have intimate moments with him.
  • Whoever is dominant learns the "Apex Predator" ability at the end of the encounter.
  • He can now join you in battle.
  • He can tell you directly where the entrance to Nyx's Realm is so you can find it in your next expedition.
  • You can spar him at any time.
  • You can change his attack timing like other teammates.

Added audio to the Lost Naga.

  • His voice changes based on his arousal and his size.


Added ascended character art of the Lost Prisoner(By Winty!).

Includes infested variant.