Version 0.7.10

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New features[edit]

  • Added new encounter featuring the "Lost Prisoner".
    • This encounter appears in the Barrens after he escapes from the Golden Bastion.
    • Still wip, but features most of his progression.
    • Uses the "Unnatural Growth" which doubles his strength and size for the remainder of the fight.
  • Implemented art for the Lost Prisoner, featuring 4 emotes and other assets~
    • Implemented for the intro, prison scenes and encounter.
  • Added voice acting for The Bind. (Voiced by Mithane!)
    • His voice changes based on his arousal and his size.
  • Added "Ascended Prisoner" Achievement that teaches you "Unnatural Growth" in future playthroughs.


  • Added character art of the Lost Prisoner(By Winty!).


  • Fix debug menu being inaccessible on some mobile setups.
  • Fixed parts of Torgar encounter growing the wrong stats.
  • Fixed passages for The Bind showing his art twice.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in an incomplete path in Torgar's encounter.