Version 0.5.2

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New Features[edit]

  • Added Torgar of the Shattered Peak as a new encounter.
  • Torgar features unique art by Voidlesky that shift based on his changes (4 bodies, 7 emotes, 6 cocks)
  • Torgar can sell you new techniques that you can use in battle.
  • He can also give you the "Empowered Drink" ability if you lose to him early on.
  • The game tracks what choices you make in his encounter to lead into one of 3 paths that will be expanded on next version.
  • Added menu to choose which enemy to encounter after meeting them the first time.
  • Added sound UI (currently unused)
  • Added "Empowering Drink" Ability
  • Added Half-Orc race (can be used by the player)


  • Fixed Stat window column being misaligned on some devices
  • Fixed stats sometimes displaying unnecessary decimals
  • Fixed the imp using the player's limb descriptors when using sigils
  • Fixed an issue where some stat changes that happened before a fight were not being applied correctly