Version 0.4.3

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New Features[edit]

  • Expanded the intro after the player merges with Echo and returns to the village.
  • Added optional battle with a town guard.
  • Added a new path where you can join Apothus in his quest to ascend his chosen one.
  • Added XP gain modifier to all abilities acquired with endings.
  • Added UI art by Voidlesky (More will be coming soon!)
  • The cover art for this version was made by the amazing voidlesky.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed an issue where non-comboable moves could still be used even if their activation condition were not met.
  • Fixed a bug triggered by using Incubus Call on the Nyx Parasite.
  • Fixed an issue where Demonic Appetite would have more unlock conditions than shown in the level up screen.
  • Fixed an issue where you could look at your symbiote in the mirror before investigating the meteor.
  • Fixed an issue where ending a fight with Sigils of Perception up would keep them for the next fight.