Version 0.4.1

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New Features[edit]

  • Completely reworked the intro! (Massive thank you to Ortha and Delta-Tango <3 )
    • This intro has more than 6k words amongst many different branches
    • A permanent ability will be bestowed upon you based on the choices you make in this part
  • The fateful encounter with Echo now happens as you explore the barrens
    • Merging with Echo is now what unlocks the Arousal mechanics and the Pleasure Self fight move
  • New Game+ mechanics:
    • We now have everything in place to trigger endings that loop you back to the beggining with additional abilities and powers
    • Our only test case at the moment is when you lose to Apothus' second form and join him
    • A lot more of these endings will be coming in furute versions!
  • Added "Focus" Fight Move (A move to recover stamina.)
  • Renammed "Haymaker" Fight Move to "Slash" (A potentially devastating slash of your weapon.)
  • Renammed "Jab" into the "Bash" move. (A quick bash of your weapon's hilt with low stamina cost.)
  • Added "Host Of Echo" Ability
  • Added "Memories of Apothus" Ability
  • Added "Tainted by the Lost" ability
  • Added "Survivor of the First Eclipse" Ability
  • Added Behemoth to symbiote race selection
  • Added Dragonborn to symbiote race selection
  • Added colors for combo buttons based on corruption

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed an issue where "Pleasure Self" would reduce your arousal even more if it was negative
  • Fixed bug with change moveset cancel button not untagging chosen moves
  • Fixed an issue where sizes where displayed as bigger than they were with the imperial system.