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He seems almost angelic... Yet his expression suggests otherwise


Unarmed Strike: Damage

  • Incubus Call: Deals damage, gives the player arousal, and causes the player to grow
  • Incubus Strike: Deals Damage, removes arousal from the player, and causes enemy to grow
  • Stomp: Heavy Damage - Can only be used when enemy is larger than player


  • HP: 110 - gains up to 45 extra health for every 4in of cock length
  • Stamina: 35 - gains up to 45 extra stamina for every 4in of cock length
  • Arousal: 20
  • Strength: 38
  • Crit chance: 0
  • Arousal per turn: 20
  • Stamina per turn: 14
  • Base Corruption: 40
  • Base Muscles: 0
  • Base Size: 5ft 8in


  • Giving Essence to Ethrex slowly turns the player more and more into a demon