Vigor of the Hyper Endowed

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An upgrade of Vigor of the Endowed that gives health as well as stamina.

It also has increased cock and balls growth per rank compared to its predecessor.

In-Game Description[edit]

You gain Stamina and Health for each 4 inches in cock length (up to 45).

Your cock grows 5 inches and your balls grow 2 inches upon acquiring this Ability.


Every time this ability is acquired or upgraded, the user receives additional growth based on the ability's rank.

Growth per rank
Rank Cock Growth Balls Growth
1 5 inches 2 inches
2 10 inches 4 inches
3 15 inches 6 inches
4 20 inches 8 inches
5 25 inches 10 inches

How to Acquire[edit]

This ability acquired by ranking up Vigor of the Endowed beyond its max rank.

It will then be upgraded to this ability.