Nyx Parasite Lord

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An ability that boosts the users stats and corruption.

In-Game Description[edit]

You host countless Nyx Parasites within you. You must spread. You must fuck. You must grow. You gain '1' Minimum Arousal per parasite within your body.


On acquisition the user obtains the following boosts: Min Arousal + 20 + 1 per stack, Strength + 20 + 3 per stack, Cock Size + 1 m 27 cm + 21 cm per stack, Balls Size + 96 cm + 20 cm per stack, Essence Gain Multiplier - 0.2. Overwrites Nyx Parasite infection.

How to Acquire[edit]

Overwrite Nyx Parasite Infection. Unlocked at reaching 11 stacks of Nyx Parasite infection. This can still gather stacks as the old one.