Lost Naga

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A colossus of muscle and virility. His shaft swollen and engorged to enormous size, while his lips drool with hunger.


  • Unarmed Strike: Damages player
  • Infest: Damages and Stuns player
  • Hypnotize: Stuns player
  • Stomp: Heavy Damage - Can only be used when enemy is larger than player


  • HP: 180
  • Stamina: 22
  • Arousal: 25
  • Strength: 75
  • Crit chance: 0
  • Arousal per turn: 25
  • Stamina per turn: 14
  • Base Corruption: 80
  • Base Muscles: 30
  • Base Size: 10ft 6in


  • When the player is defeated, the naga will steal a portion of the player's size - (more information to be added)
  • Player can gain size from defeating the naga
  • On high corruption, the player can absorb the naga to gain size and corruption