Channel the Astral Soul

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An ability that boosts the amount of essence the user gets.

In-Game Description[edit]

   (If Corruption at/below 19)Increase Essence gain. Its effect weakens the more Corrupt you are. Essence Gain Multiplier +X.
   (If Corruption at/above 20) The corruption actively seeks to disrupt your connection to the Astral Soul; you gain almost nothing from the extraction. Essence Gain Multiplier +X.


Every time this ability is acquired or upgraded, the user receives an increase to any essence they gain based on the ability's rank. The effect weakens the more corrupt you are. For example if you gain the ability at first rank (1/5) while below 20 corruption, you will gain an extra 20% essence, if your corruption becomes higher than 20 but less than 40 at any time beyond that the multiplier becomes 0.15, or an extra 15% essence. You then multiply this by the ability's rank (while under 20 corruption this ability doubles your essence gain when maxed out (5/5) ).

Growth Multiplier per rank
Corruption Multiplier
<20 0.2
>20 0.15
>40 0.10
>60 0.05
>80 0.01

How to Acquire[edit]

This ability can be acquired in the Level Up screen.

It is accessible from Level 3 and onwards, effects will change based on the amount of corruption you have.