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There are a multitude of abilities in DoC, some of which stemming from a set path, offering stat boosts specific to that path. Other abilities can only be obtained by meeting certain conditions, or by abstaining from certain actions. Abilities may also be obtained throughout the story, via decisions and actions made by the player. There are also some Abilities that are gained passively, either due to the player's current stats, the region they are exploring, or simply given to the player during certain times. Finally, there are a total of 4 (four) abilities that the Player may earn upon completing the game and reaching one of the endings. These abilities are classified as "Memories" and carry over to subsequent "New Game+" Saves, offering various, permanent upgrades. It is possible to have all 4 (four) Memories at once, by completing the game multiple times and earning each of the Memories. Note that a single Memory does not stack with itself, as they are unique in this way.

Prior to (V.0.6.3), when the Player gained a Level-Up, they gained 2 Stat Points & 1 Ability Point; as of (V.0.6.3) the player no longer gets stat points, but they still get "1" (one) Ability Point. This Ability Point can be spent to obtain a new ability, or to upgrade an already obtained ability to a new rank. Some Abilities can also 'Evolve' upon reaching maximum rank, granting even stronger stats.


Ways of the Salvager[edit]

The Title of "Salvager" is given to those Chosen by the Eldest of the Golden Bastion and only 1 (one) Salvager is appointed, replaced only upon the death of the previous Salvager. As a Salvager, you are tasked with braving the Northern & Eastern Barrens in search of resources and materials to further the progression of the Golden Bastion, as well as to scout out new territory in search of potential threats and dangers to the Golden Bastion.

Abilities obtained within the Ways of the Salvager tend to focus on 'Survival', increasing the player's base stats in order to provide them a higher survival rate, to make it back home safely.

Tank "You have a sturdy and resilient body. Your Max HP is increased by 'X'% and your Stamina is decreased by 'Y'%."
Berserking "You fight with reckless abandon. Your Strength is increased by 'X'% and your Max HP is decreased by 'Y'%."
Deadly Aim "When you strike, you make sure it counts. Your Crit% is increased by 'X'% and your Stamina is decreased by 'Y'%."
Herculean Build "Gain Strength equal to half your Muscles Stat (up to 'X'). Your Muscles grow by 5 upon acquiring this Ability."
Vigor of the Endowed "You gain Stamina for each 4in/10cm in Cock length (up to 'X'). Your Cock grows 2in/5cm and your Balls grow 1in/2cm upon acquiring this Ability." Evolves into "Vigor of the Hyper Endowed" at Max Rank.
Vigor of the Hyper Endowed "You gain Stamina and Health for each 4in/10cm in Cock length (up to 'X'). Your Cock grows 2ft 1in/63cm and your Balls grow 10in/25cm upon acquiring this Ability."
Last Stand "Whenever you fall below 25% Health, you gain 'X' Arousal, 'Y%' Crit% and 'Z' Strength."
Warrior of Duality "Gain 'X' Health on Level-Up if your Corruption is lower than 50. Gain 'X' Arousal per turn on Level-Up if your Corruption is greater than or equal to 50."
Essence Hoarder "Every 200 Essence within you grants you 'X' Strength (up to 'Y')."
Piercing Precision "Your strikes always land true. Increases Crit DMG by 'X%'."
Valiant Rush "Increases the amount of Combo Moves per turn by 'X'."
Momentum "Gain 'X%' more Crit DMG for every damaging attack in your Combo."

Lustful Instincts[edit]

As a warrior, one learns to cultivate their body into a weapon. Your groin is also a part of your body, so cultivating your libido into an asset for battle is integral in the fight against the Lost.

Abilities obtained through Lustful Instincts, at present, provide an additional means of gaining Arousal, as well as a method of restoring your vitality when your libido reaches its peak.

Masochism "Whenever you receive damage, you gain that much Arousal (up to 'X' per rank)."
Vampiric Lust "Regain 'X' Health whenever you reach Max Arousal."

Powers of Growth[edit]

The Lost roam the land, bulging in mass and incomprehensible size, constantly growing larger. Ever since you first encountered them, you felt curious about their growth, enthralled at the idea that you too, may be able to reach those heights, perhaps someday surpassing them altogether.

Abilities obtained within the Powers of Growth revolve around increasing the Body Type, Height, Cock & Balls Size, through various means and varying levels of effectiveness.

Appetite for Growth "Whenever you gain any amount of growth, you instead gain 'X%' more of that amount." Evolves into "Demonic Appetite" at Max Rank.
Demonic Appetite "Whenever you gain any amount of growth, you instead gain 'X%' more of that amount. Gain 'Y' Corruption. Growth Multiplier '+Z'."
Orgasmic Growth "Whenever you reach Max Arousal, your body grows 'X' in/cm, your Dick(s) grow(s) 'Y' in/cm and your Balls grow 'Z' in/cm."
Never-Ending Growth "Your body continuously grows larger while in combat. The more Corrupt you are, the more effective this growth is."
Unstoppable Expansion "Whenever you gain any amount of growth, add 'X%' of your current size to that amount."
Draco's Omnipotence "Whenever you reach Max Arousal, you gain size based on 'X' times the amount of essence you have."

Devotion to Purity[edit]

Strengthening your mind and spirit will in turn strengthen your body against the growing Corruption.

Abilities obtained within the Devotion to Purity grant the Player increased Stats, so long as their level of Corruption remains low. Obtaining Corruption will prevent the Player from obtaining many of the abilities within this path.

Channel the Astral Soul (If Corruption at/below 19) "Increase Essence gain. Its effect weakens the more Corrupt you are. Essence Gain Multiplier +'X'."

(If Corruption at/above 20) "The corruption actively seeks to disrupt your connection to the Astral Soul; you gain almost nothing from the extraction. Essence Gain Multiplier +'X'."

Codex's Passion "Using a Fight Skill that does no damage heals you for 'X' Health."
Incorruptible "While your Corruption is below '25', you gain 'X'% Crit%, 'Y' Strength."
Faith's Reward "You gain '0.5' health and '0.5' stamina whenever you win a battle. That bonus is reduced by '1' every time you gain corruption."

Whispers of Sombreve[edit]

"Grow... Devour... Feast... Ascend... More... MORE!!!"

Abilities obtained within the Whispers of Sombreve grant substantial growth, feeding off of Corruption in order to become all that is.

Kaleth's Fervor "You gain 'X' more growth for every point of Corruption within you. Growth Multiplier +'Y'."
Sombreve's Whisper "Temporarily gain 'X' Arousal per turn, where 'X' is 'W' times the number of turns you have been in combat. Temporarily gain 'Y'% Corruption, where 'Y' is 'Z' times the number of turns you have been in combat."
Mutant "When you take damage you have a 1/'X' chance of growing additional limbs." Evolves into "Abomination" at Max Rank.
Abomination "Your body has become tainted by the Corruption rampant within you! When you take damage, you have a 1/5 chance of doubling certain limbs."
Brink of Madness "Your mind cracks under the weight of Corruption upon reaching low Health."

Story Abilities[edit]

These Abilities are provided to the Player upon making key decisions in the game, which may lead to permanent changes towards the Player.

Host of Echo "You are now the host of a mysterious being..."
Minor Demon "Demonic powers flicker within you."
Major Demon "Demonic powers flow through you. Arousal Gain + 9.0 Max Stamina + 10.0 Max HP + 5.0 Corruption + 45.0 Muscles + 15.0 Body Size + 1ft 4in Cock Size + 1ft Balls Size + 4in Can use 'Incubus's Call'"
Lord of Lust "You are one with your demonic powers. Arousal Gain + 15.0 Max Stamina + 15.0 Max HP + 10.0 Corruption + 60.0 Muscles + 30.0 Body Size + 2ft 8in Cock Size + 1ft 6in Balls Size + 6in, Can use 'Incubus's Call, Can use 'Incubus's Strike'"
Nyx Parasite Infection "Creatures of Nyx live within your body. You must protect the parasites..."
Nyx Parasite Lord "You host countless Nyx Parasites within you. You must spread. You must fuck. You must grow. You gain '1' Minimum Arousal per parasite within your body. "
Servant of Kanathar "The essence of demon Kanathar flows within you."
Oath of Containment "Chain-shaped tattooos race up your arms. This oath lasts for as long as the cultists of Nyx remain sealed."
Oath of Nyx "A purple vortex-shaped tattoo curls around the left side of your torso. This oath lasts for as long as you strive to unleash Nyx upon the world."
Oathbreaker "The mark of the Oathbreaker burns around your arm. You are branded as a traitor to all Orthani."

Passive Abilities[edit]

These Abilities are given to the player based on either the region they are exploring, the day of the cycle, the stats the player has accumulated, or the actions taken in battle.

Survivor of the First Eclipse "Your body and soul were untainted by the first eclipse. Max HP + 5.0 Max Stamina + 5.0 Stamina Recovery + 3.0"
Tainted By The Lost "Corruption + 5.0, Min Arousal + 5.0, Arousal Gain + 5.0. The seed of Corruption is sown..."
Energy of the Third Verse "The Antikythera has given the land increased stamina. Your Stamina is increased by 20%."
Strength of the Sixth Verse "The Antikythera has given the land increased strength. Your Strength is increased by 20%."
Ferocity of the Ninth Verse "The Antikythera has given the land increased ferocity. Your Crit% is increased by 20%."
Adaptation of the Twelfth Verse "The Antikythera is forcing evolution across the land. 20% more size gained."
Touched by Nyx's Light "Your body is absorbing Nyx's light while in this realm. You gain Arousal 15% faster."
Embraced by Nyx's Light "Your body is absorbing Nyx's light while in this realm. You gain Arousal 40% faster."
Minor Corruption "The power of Corruption is within you. Arousal Gain + 2.0 Stamina Recovery + 2.0 'Lustful Instincts' will replace random fight moves."
Major Corruption "Corruption flows through your veins. Arousal Gain + 5.0 Stamina Recovery + 5.0 'Lustful Instincts' and 'Corrupted Urges' will replace random fight moves."
Overwhelming Corruption "Corruption bends to your will, few have absorbed this much Corruption without losing their mind. Arousal Gain + 12.0 Stamina Recovery + 12.0, 'Lustful Instincts', 'Corrupted Urges', 'Corrupted Remedy' and 'Infectious Lust' will replace random fight moves. "
Towering Over Them "The size difference between you two is significant. Strength + 10.0 Arousal Gain + 5.0"
Overwhelming Presence "Mass and power overtakes the scenery. Strength + 40.0 Arousal Gain + 15.0. (Unlocks Fight Ability Stomp)"
Overwhelming Balls "Your balls tower over your opponent. Arousal Gain + 10.0"
All-Consuming Balls "Your balls completely overwhelm your opponent. Arousal Gain + 15.0 (Unlocks Fight Ability Deluge of Seed)"
Symbiote Form "Echo's/[Symbiote Name]'s power flows through your body."
Sigil of Perception "Improves Crit% of the next attack by 'X'%. Crit% +'X'."
Focused "Active until the end of the encounter. Action Slots +'X'."
Corrupted Strength "Corruption courses through you, strengthening your body with its unholy influence. This effect lasts until the end of the encounter. Strength +'X'."
Withering Venom "Active until your Arousal becomes '60' or less. Max HP -'X'."


These Abilities are obtained upon getting the respective ending associated with said Memory. Clearing the game will enter 'New Game+' with the Memory of the ending you achieved. Multiple Memories may obtained by clearing the game any number of times, but only one Memory per ending can be obtained.

Memories of Apothus "Distant words of unrestrained madness echo within your soul."
Memories of Cray "Distant words of a being yearning for more echoes within your soul."
Memories of Nyx "Distant visions of pure Corruption echo within your soul."
Memories of the Chosen "ABILITY DESCRIPTION" - This ending has not been implemented yet