Version 0.6.3

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New Features[edit]

  • Added the "Path of Redemption" for Torgar's storyline. He can now be convinced to reject the Corruption invading his body.
  • Added Fight Move "Tonic of Stillness" (Turns Corruption into temporary strength.)
  • Added "Redemption" achievement (which unlocks "Tonic of Stillness" for the player)
  • Reworked Level up stat gain to be done automatically. (You gain stats from a set table that goes on infinitely.)
  • Tweaked ability select screen to show a lot more perks per screens.
  • Tweaked very high stat display to use thousands (k) and millions (m) for measurements.
  • Added "Master of the Barrens" Achievement (Accomplish 100 expeditions.)
  • Added "God Amongst Men" Achievement (Reach Level 50.)
  • Made all passage links slightly bigger. (Less misclicks!)
  • (Special Build) Add in the debug menu a way to shrink down to default height.


  • Deadly Aim now directly adds a percentage to crit chance instead of being a multiplier.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed display error for Abomination's Corruption requirement.
  • Fixed weird decimals display on stats affected by stat multipliers.
  • Fixed "Sombreve's Whisper" removing the Corruption you were processing.