Version 0.6.2

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  • Reaching high Corruption will now make the Herald exile you until you process and lower your Corruption (or fight him)
  • Added optional fight with The Herald.
  • Added new hub area for exiles.
  • Tweaked Corruption to be accumulated and slowly processed every day instead of a static stat.
  • Changed Corruption tier values [0, 50, 200, 500, 1000] instead of [0, 25, 50, 75, 100]
  • Endings now allow you to change your name and/or race for the next playthrough.
  • Added "Herald's Devotion" fight move. (Unlockable by the player upon reaching the "Incomplete Memories" Ending)
  • Added "Memories of the Lost" Ending. (Overcome the Herald.)
  • Added "Incomplete Memories" Ending. (Reach the end of what's currently done for the main story path.)
  • Added "Resolute" Achievement. (Experience the Barrens without falling to its corruption.)


  • Added exile hub art (by Winty!)
  • Added Lost ascension art (by Voidlesky!)


  • Slight nerfs to early game size diff global perks since enemies have consistent ways to grow from the beginning.
  • "Incorruptible" Ability is now unlocked on level 4 (from 7).
  • "Incorruptible" Ability now grant half of its bonus if your Corruption is over 25.
  • Buffed starting Stamina and Stamina recovery.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed display issues with Exp bar.
  • Fixed "Compare Sizes" menu to include all encountered characters.
  • Refactored how multiplicative modifier buffs are applied. (Fixes the negative stat issues.)
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading a save didn't carry over achievements until getting another ending.