Version 0.6.0

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New Features[edit]

  • Added Achievements system.
  • Every achievement will give a new ability in your next playthrough.
  • Added "Baptism In Corruption" Achievement (Make an opponent reach over 150 Corruption.)(suggested by Kiuh)
  • Added "Host of the Spawns" Achievement (Take in 5 spawns of Nyx.)(suggested by Pyro)
  • Added "Lord of the Spawns" Achievement (Take in 15 spawns of Nyx.)
  • Added "Might of Augwult" Achievement (Reach 200 Strength.)(suggested by Augwult)
  • Added "Off The Deep End" Achievement (Reach 200 Corruption.)
  • Added "Submissive Fighter" Achievement (Lose a battle to 5 different opponents.) (suggested by MoroccanWarrior)
  • All previous "Memories of ..." Abilities have been reworked into Achievements.
  • Added Wounded Lost as a tutorial battle with 3 unique fight moves and optional tutorials.
  • Tweaked the intro's writing to be closer in tone with the rest of the game.
  • Players will now start later in the intro after doing a newgame+


    • Added placeholder art in the Northern Barrens exploration menu.


  • Added borders to in-game CG Illustrations. (by Voidlesky!)
  • Added new Achievement menu icons (by Voidlesky!)
  • Tweaked UI for combat cards container window.
  • Added UI for the Link Value of cards (by Voidlesky!)
  • Added tooltips on hover to give info on every icon of the fight move cards.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • You need need to have merged with Echo in order to get the "Vampiric Lust" ability
  • Fixed an issue where you would always top Torgar, even when choosing the bottom options.
  • Fixed an issue where Torgar's store could be closed before buying all moves.
  • Fixed the display of some ability modifiers.
  • Fixed "Faith's Reward" behaving strangely when gaining Corruption.
  • (Special Build) Fixed debug start for Nyx Parasite leading to a bad passage.