Version 0.4.9

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New Features[edit]

  • This version is compatible with saves from 0.4.8!
  • Special thanks to dracoofzeradaith for helping out editing this one <3
  • Complete rework of the imp encounter:
    • It now evolves based on how much you've been fighting him.
    • It branches off into specific paths after you act submissive/dominant enough with him.
    • The imp grows slightly stronger every time you encounter him.
  • Added "Servant of Kanathar" ability (The essence of demon Kanathar flows within you.)
  • Added "Momentum" ability (Gain 7% more Crit Damage for every damaging attack in your combo.)[Upgradable]
  • Added "Incorruptible" ability (While your Corruption is below 25, you gain 10% critical chance, 10 strength.)[Upgradable]
  • Changed valiant rush to boost amount of combo moves per turn instead of action slots.
  • Added stamina cost (4) to Focus fight move.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed display issues with floating points on stats
  • Fixed display issue in the description of 'Overwhelming Corruption'
  • Fixed dialogue pathing issues for some Abel sections