Version 0.4.7

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New Features[edit]

  • This version is NOT compatible with older saves. Sorry! :(
  • Added conversations with Abel that are accessible in his house. (Thanks to AeonOrtha for the writing on this one <3 )
  • Tweaked intro writing and included Abel's new art in it.
    • Abel has a variety of expressions and costumes.
  • Changed display for mobile devices to be better spaced and more readable.
  • Started work on optional Abel branch for players who got the Nyx ending.
  • Added "Overwhelming Balls" and "All-Consuming Balls" global abilities. These are acquired by having balls that are bigger than your opponent.
    • Added "Deluge of Seed" Fight Move.
  • Vastly improved performances for changing passages.
  • New art for Abel (By Voidlesky!)