Version 0.4.4

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New Features[edit]

  • This version is compatible with save files from version 0.4.3
  • Added a new ending after powering Apothus's chosen one and merging with Nyx. (Thanks to dracoofzeradaith for the help <3)
    • Added Memories of Nyx Ability
  • Added Draco's Omnipotence Ability, unlockable at level 20. (Whenever you reach max arousal, you gain size based on the amount of essence you have.)
  • Completely redone the sidepanel UI, thanks to Voidlesky for the assets!
  • Capped the growth induced by Incubus Strike.
  • Added art for the encounter with the first Lost (By Voidlesky!)
  • Added art for when the player first enter Nyx's realm (Also by Voidlesky!)