Version 0.4.2

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New Features[edit]

  • Optimized the performance of the game, cutting the wait when clicking a new passage by more than 70%.
  • Added Mulligan mechanic to fight, this allows players to reroll their attacks once every turn.
  • Reduced combo value range (from 1-5 to 1-4).
  • Reduced base damage on a lot of attacks.
  • Reduced base crit damage for every character. (from 1.75 to 1.50)
  • Removed crit chance modifiers gained by size diff abilities.
  • Reduced Tok's initial size to not have the size diff ability on the player at the start of the game.
  • Added art for Apothus' second form by Rethxus!

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed an issue where escaping Tok after losing to him did not give EXP.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with loading a save game during a fight.