Version 0.4.0

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New Features[edit]

  • New Combo System
    • A list of randomized moves are given to you every turn, you can combo a move if its combo value is adjacent to that of the following move.
    • So a move with a value of 3 can only combo with moves that have a value of 2 or 4!
    • Here's a little visual guide for how it works
    • You can keeping linking moves together as long as you have action slots for it.
  • The Valiant Rush ability increases how many action slots you have per turn AND how many random moves are given to you every turn. Your symbiote form also increases those values.
  • Added "Jab" Fight Move (A quick attack with low stamina cost.)
  • Added "Haymaker" Fight Move (A potentially devastating, yet predictable attack.)
  • Turned "Basic Attack" into the "Hook" move
  • Sigil of Perception is now part of the starting moveset
  • Split all the fight moves to be either comboable or not. The comboable moves are:
    • Sigil of Vitality
    • Sigil of Pain
    • Sigil of Perception
    • Sigil of Growth
    • Hook
    • Haymaker
    • Jab
    • Incubus Call
    • Incubus Strike
    • Pleasure Self
  • Moves that are useable outside of the combo system are:
    • Stomp
    • Ensnaring Goo
    • Summon Parasite
    • Do Nothing
    • Submit Completely
  • Inspect is now a free action that can be used at any time during combat.
  • Added new menu in your home to change your fight moveset.
  • Added Action Slots Stat that defines how many moves can be used in a combo.
  • Added Valiant Rush Ability (Increases your Action Slots and Combo Moves per turn by 1.)
  • (Special) Learn All Fight Moves cheat now includes ability driven moves (Goo Stun, Stomp, Summon Parasite)
  • Added art to the first form of Apothus (Thanks Rethxus!)
  • Fixed display of some size descriptions.
  • Rebalanced every single fight move and every encounter.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed scaling issue with Tank, Berserking and Deadly Aim.
  • Fixed crit chance display issue.
  • Removed inability to use Pleasure Self during Eldest fight to be compatible with new fight system (for now, this section is being reworked from the ground up