Version 0.3.5

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New Features[edit]

  • Added new low-level encounter, the slime!
  • Using the Inspect move now shows the character's art (if they have any)
  • Extended the parser tech to support female anatomy.
  • Handle growth on targets without the associated limbs.
  • Removed crit chance from level up stat screen
  • Added crit damage multiplier stat
  • Added Piercing Precision Ability
  • Added Channel the Astral Soul Ability
  • Added art for Tok's encounter
  • Added art for Lost Naga's encounter
  • Added art for Nyx Parasite's encounter
  • Added art for Drenth's encounter
  • Added art for when make the Oath with Drenth
  • Added art for when you infest Drenth
  • Fixed display of some sizes.
  • Buffed Berserking Ability
  • Buffed Tank Ability
  • Buffed Deadly Aim Ability
  • The Imp now starts at 50 corruption.
  • Reduced base crit rate for the player.
  • The minotaur no longer respawns at every cycle.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed Incubus Call displaying growth values without multipliers
  • Fix inspect not showing some abilities
  • Fixed an issue where Touched by Nyx's Light could give you a negative modifier
  • Fixed more than 50 typos (Thanks Legdim!)