Version 0.3.1

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New Features[edit]

  • Ghost remade the UI for the borders and icons released in 0.3.0!
    • They also made new UI for the sidebar and every Fight Skills type!
  • Every UI still changes dynamically based on corruption~
  • Added a hotkey system for fight. Pressing the key displayed next to the Fight Skill's name will select it.
  • Added delicious Baguettes.
  • Polished parts of the intro based on suggestions by Augwult, Korboryn and Taerus!

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed an issue with the parasite's height not being set correctly.
  • The Sigil of Perception now says it increases critical hit chance instead of accuracy.
  • Added preparation text on all Sigil moves for when an enemy uses them.
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips would be printed behind stat bars.
  • Fixed a misleading passage for when you lost against the Lost Naga and were too small to lose anymore size.
  • Added a 1px border around the font to make it easier to read.