Version 0.2.1

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New Features[edit]

  • Added the Lost Naga as a new random encounter. (Written by jagaz)
    • Comes with a new Hypnosis move he can use in fight.
    • Will apply a persistent debuff if you lose against him.
    • If you beat him with this debuff... You'll gain more strength than what you've lost.
  • Added a cooldown mechanic to some fight skills
  • Replaced the Accuracy stat with a Critical Hit Chance stat
  • Rebalanced every fight in the game with those new mechanics
  • Tweaked the Fight UI to display unusable fight skills.
  • Added a tooltip on disabled fight skills that shows the reason why a skill is unusable
  • Nerfed the Minotaur Guard's hp stat slightly.
  • Added a credits page in the main menu!

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a typo for the corruption gained in the Lost Werewolf scenes
  • Fixed an issue with the sigil of perception removing other fight modifiers