Imp (Kanathar)

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"We're all in this quest for power now, and I will not be left behind!"


  • Unarmed Strike: Damage
  • Prideful Ascent: Deals damage, enemy grows larger
  • Stomp: Heavy Damage - Can only be used when enemy is larger than player


  • HP: 64
  • Stamina: 8
  • Arousal: 20
  • Strength: 15.6
  • Crit chance: 0
  • Arousal per turn: 20
  • Stamina per turn: 4
  • Base Corruption: 50
  • Base Muscles: 0
  • Base Size: 4ft


  • After a few battles with the imp, the player can be dominant or submissive towards them
  • The size and power of the imp can be increased
  • Kananthar fully grows out his horns should the player increase his corruption to 200 using abilities
  • After getting the Memories of Kananthar ending, the player can empower the imp in future playthroughs by telling him his name.